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  • Vlog- The Best Chest & Shoulder Exercise with No Equipment

    Vlog- The Best Chest & Shoulder Exercise with No Equipment

    Follow along with me as I do an exercise called "Sun Gods". This is a supper-dupper-set of pushups and shoulder presses. This will burn! If you can't make it all the way to the end, then just do as many as you can. Always try to beat your last time. Through this into your routine if it was become stale, or if you feel you are in a plateau with your chest and shoulders. ....

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  • Blog- A Guide to Recovery

    Blog- A Guide to Recovery

    A Guide to Recovery April 19, 2023 | By, Gustavo Corralejo at Elite Fitness Downtown Many of us take recovery for granted, whether post-workout or rest days. Finishing a workout, the last thing you want to do is stay longer and do stretches. As with days off, we sometimes need to remember how easy it is to assist in healing our bodies. The failure of recovery can cause many issues, including maintaining proper energy levels, body soreness, and, most importantly, affecting muscle growth. Below are some tips that have been proven to help: 1. Stretching To ensure your muscles are ready for the next workout or even the next day, we must relax them properly. Before going any ....

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  • Blog - A Quick Guide to Workout Splits

    Blog - A Quick Guide to Workout Splits

    A Quick Guide to Workout Splits April 11, 2023 | By, Eleazar Felix at Elite Fitness Downtown Being lost in the gym is more common than you think, not figuring what to do in terms of working out can be intimidating. It is always best to have a game plan for the gym so you're not just working out randomly with no sense of direction. This is where a training split comes in handy. The term split refers to separating training days based on body parts (Upper body, Lower body) and movements (Push, Pull, Hinge). Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to fitness, whether it is to put on muscle, lose body fat, or get in better shape, it is best to determine what ....

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  • Blog- Research Paper- Fat Blast Program

    Introduction Hello and welcome to the 6 week Fat Blaster program. I hope that you not only lose fat during these 6 weeks, but that you continue on this journey, and that you reach your goals. This research paper was done from April to May of 2021. This is an eating and nutrition plan, and a rapid one at that. You will not eat like this forever. But rather, cycle thru it. This is a great way to lose fat “as fast as possible.” We recommend you do this for 6 week, which should be the minimum, anything less than that will not produce the results you imagined. After that, it’s time to alter the program and reintroduce foods like fruit and carbs. ....

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  • Vlog- Ankle Mobility

    Vlog- Ankle Mobility

    This gives you some ideas to start with for ankle mobility. This will help keep you away from spraining your ankle and for feeling better in your legs. ....

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  • Blog- Do You Know the Difference Between  Functional Training vs. Heavy Weight Training?

    Blog- Do You Know the Difference Between Functional Training vs. Heavy Weight Training?

    Do you know the difference between Functional Training vs. Heavy Weight Training? These two categories are very similar, and can even crossover into each other Functional Training can best be described as training that helps and makes performing everyday tasks way easier. Things like getting in and out of a chair, lifting boxes from the ground, putting heavy stuff on shelves above your head. Helping friends move furniture, house-hold chores, outside chores, etc. Weight Training is repeating certain movement patterns and attempting to increase the weight being lifted. This technique produces primarily esthetic results. You get toned arms, legs, core, and overall denser muscle. ....

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  • Blog- The Secret To Making Lasting Changes

    Blog- The Secret To Making Lasting Changes

    The Secret To Making Lasting Changes Many people decide to change just to change. Maybe a family member told them something that hit a nerve or the doctor told them to make a change or else they may die (a little harsh, I know, sorry). But whatever the reason is, the most important thing is to understand why you need to change. Once you understand (this can take a awhile), then you have to convince yourself that you want to change. Just changing for the sake of changing, or for someone else almost never works. Weather its starting to workout, quit smoking, lose fat weight, change careers, whatever it is, you have to want to change. Take a second and reflect back to a time when you ....

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  • Blog- Are Weight Loss Pills Safe?

    Blog- Are Weight Loss Pills Safe?

    Are Weight Loss Pills Safe? There are a lot of diet pills on the market right now, and have been a fad for a long time. I personally don't use them and I advise you not to use them either. For the average person, and the overweight person they will not help you. If anything they will cause more problems for you if taken regularly. Diet pill manufactures use the best marketing. They show you someone that is in-shape and they place the pills right next to them. This tricks your mind into thinking that the person used them to get thin. And becausehumans want the path of lease resistance, we believe that the person did it in a relativelyshort amount of time. The person in the video ....

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