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Vlog- How to do a Plank

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Vlog- How to do a Plank

How to do a Plank

Do you know how to do a Plank? Watch this video to learn how.



Hi this is Joaquin from Elite Fitness Downtown and I'm going to show you how to do a great abs and core exercise okay, it's called the plank. 

What you want to do is, you want to come to a mat, get onto your knees.

Once your on your knees, you want to put your hands down in front of you, and then slowly go to your elbows okay.

You want your elbows directly under your shoulders to start, palms facing up.

And you forearms parallel to each other.

Once you got this basic move down.

Then you want to lift up your knees, and be balanced on your toes and your elbows, and rotate your hips forward, okay.

You want to hold that for one minute.

If you cant hold that for a minute, do what you can and then gradually work up to a minute, okay.

The next exercise once your done with that, is a side plank.

So, you want to bring your feet out directly in front of you, on the side, elbow again under your shoulder, palm facing up.

What you do is stay straight from your feet to your head, and lift up you hips.

And you balance like that for 45 seconds.

If you cant do 45 seconds, do what you can, and then gradually build up to 45 seconds.

Once you do that, you go to the other side.

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