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Vlog- 3 Elite Meals in Downtown Santa Ana

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Vlog- 3 Elite Meals in Downtown Santa Ana

Vlog- 3 Elite Meals in Downtown Santa Ana

I spotlighted 3 of my favorite restaurants here in Downtown Santa 
Ana. This short video explains how to make healthy eating choices 
if you find your self eating out down here.  It was an honor to 
partner up with these other 3 business. 

-Blackmarket Bakery

-The Robbins Nest

-Lola Gaspar



Hi, my name is Joaquin Martinez and I'm the owner and a personal trainer her at Elite Fitness Downtown.

In this video, ill be showing you how to make healthy choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner here in Downtown Santa Ana.

Here we are at the Blackmarket bakery, our first stop.

This is easily one of my favorite places to grab a healthy nutritious breakfast.

 Lets take a quick look at the menu.

The first thing you want to do is locate the breakfast sandwiches.

Here you'll find four delicious choices.

However, I want you to focus on sandwich number three, its the Bandera.

The Bandera contains seven different ingredients.

The ingredients are eggs, pepper jack cheese, cotija cheese, chorizo, green chilies, pickled onions, on a brioche bun.

Out of the seven ingredients, I'm only keep 3, which are eggs, green chilies, and pickled onions.

What I will be substituting is the protein and the carbs.

I'm switching from chorizo to ham, not only because its a leaner meat, but also because its a more nutritious.

The second thing we will be switching out is the brioche bun for the almond six grain, because its a healthier complex carb.

Ordering your Bandera sandwich this way is an excellent way to keep your diet on track.

As far as beverages go, I'd like you to stick with these three options.

Either water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee.

My personal favorite is the black coffee, because it speeds up your metabolism, and helps you burn more calories.

Just make sure you order the coffee black, you don't need the cream nor the sugar.

Its just too many extra calories and its harder to burn off.

So that wraps up your breakfast, let me go show where to grab a great lunch.

Alright, now here we are at the beautiful Robbins Nest Wine and Bistro.

A good rule of thumb is to drink a couple cups of water half an hour to an hour prior to lunch.

That will help you from over eating, which will reduce caloric intake.

When it comes to your lunch, you want to keep it lighter than your breakfast.

You don't as many calories, but you want to keep it as nutritious.

This is why i get a salad with plenty of vegetables.

I've created my own signature dish here- called the Elite Fitness Salad.

This salad is very nutritious because its spinach based, and spinach is considered a super food.

On the top of the spinach, I asked the chef to top it with an assortment of seasonal vegetables, such as tomato, cucumber, and watermelon radish.

Don't forget to add a lean protein such as shrimp.

My drink of choice is the unsweetened black tea, with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

So that wraps up our refreshing and delicious lunch, now on to dinner.

So here we are at our third and final spot, one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Sant Ana- Lola Gaspar.

For dinner, I recommend a dish that's high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

And right now, Lola has an excellent entrée. 

It contains pouched Alaskan halibut, lemongrass pune, and red rice.

The fish is healthy because it has great omega-3 fatty acids.

We just finished dinner, now we're gonna do a quick recap back at the gym.

So that wraps it up on this short video of healthy food options.

We hope you enjoyed it!

My name is Joaquin Martinez.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us or visit the website at elitefitnessdowntown.com


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