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Blog- Functional Training vs. Heavy Weight Training

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Blog- Functional Training vs. Heavy Weight Training

Functional Training vs. Heavy Weight Training


This is no stranger to most people’s vocabulary. We’ve all seen how 
the strongmen in society lift the heaviest of weights with ease and 
blow our minds away. This is an extraordinary act indeed, but when 
will you ever do something that out of the ordinary in your daily 

Functional fitness is quite similar to weightlifting and bodybuilding 
in various ways. You’ll get the body and appearance you want and most 
likely more than those of a normal functional fitness routine. You’ll 
also be able to lift amazingly heavy weights which is great, right? 
Not in every case.

In the gym it might be a bragging right, or when you’re starting a 
conversation about your hard core hobbies. When it comes to 
working at home though, lifting a box off the floor might strain your 
back painfully, even if it’s a light box. 

As mentioned earlier, functional fitness works on your daily life, 
making tasks you do each day easier and less of a hassle to perform. 
Steadily, each chore becomes easier as you get better. Functional 
fitness figuratively lightens the weights on your shoulders that were 
placed there. 

Weight lifters can easily lift weights off of their shoulders, but only 
when they are in the proper position, with enough strength and 
utilizing the right equipment. Those who weightlift obviously know 
that there are protocols and conditions to be met when becoming 
weightlifters. How to prop yourself with the equipment, how to 
hold the bar of the dumbbell, and how to keep posture when 
holding the weights airborne. These are all things you prepare to 
do when weightlifting.

An easier way to think of it is so; when weight lifting with heavy
weight, you are essently working towards aesthetics. And there is 
nothing wrong with that. We all want to look our best. When you’re 
focusing on functional fitness, you’re focusing more on preparing yourself 
for better health, mobility and the ability to handle daily activities with 
ease. So when it comes to practicality, functional fitness carries more 

Functional fitness targets if not all then most of the muscles you 
use on a daily basis. By gradually strengthening them through a 
series of exercises, they become more efficient and perform to 
higher degree. When weightlifting, you only focus on strengthening 
those muscles that will help you lift the heavy weights. This is fine 
as long as you are only planning on using those muscles for heavy 

The primary issue when it comes to weightlifting is the way you’re 
doing it. You’re either propped in a seated position or lying down, 
a steady pose that isn’t going to harm the rest of your body. After 
weightlifting for quite some time, weightlifters’ muscles will
become accustomed to this same pattern of movement in order to 
be more efficient with their lifts. However, when it comes to any 
other unconventional exercises out of their usual lifting patterns 
(such as Bench Press, Squats and Deadlifts), they often struggle.

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