Carbs, They Are Not All Created Equal

Do you know the different types of carbs that are out there? Well if you don’t, then that’s ok, we’re here to help. When people say they are getting rid of carbs, they should mean that they are getting rid of bad cars; carbs that are refined, and maybe if they are trying to hit ketosis, then starchy carbs (which are not bad, its just bad when you over eat them) as well. Refined carbs have very little if any nutrients. There is no fiber present, and this is something your body needs.

Good carbs are full of fiber and other nutrients . Complex carbs are the ones that are the most nutritious, and you find these in foods like brown rice, sweet potato’s, whole grain wheat bread, and even steel cut oats. These carbs can actually be eaten during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for a snack.

Vegetablesand legumes are carb sources as well. And unlike refined sources like chips and cookies, veggies and Legumes are a nutritious sources of vitamins and even protein. A diet that’s missing these healthy carb sources will have a long-term negative effect on your health. Bad carb diets have open up a market that tries to sell you supplements to get all the vitamins in. However, if you just eat your veggies and good complex carbs then you do not need all those supplements.

Have you even eaten a bag of chips, and then next thing you know you completely ripped through the bag and ate it all? Well, we all have, even me at times. This is because you are eating refined carbs. Yes, they are delicious, but they are the reason we are overeating. Good carbs will let you know when you are full, but bad carbs does not have this effect, and so we keep eating and pigging out!

Maybe it started as 1 or 2 cookies, but then it turns into a complete calorie overload and one that your body just is not ready for. When you overeat, you gain weight and add inches to your waistline, which leads to obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. If you visit the Doctor regularly, then he will let you know when you are pre-diabetic. This is the sign that you are a step away from type 2 diabetes, and you will no longer be able to process sugar like before. You will no longer be able to have sweets, and you will have to take medication which will make your life very uncomfortable. Its best to just enjoy an occasional cake or pastry.

As you start to eat healthier, and cutting out processed and refined carbs, you should read the food index and look for healthier options. When it comes to a snack, look for things that are low in sugar (so you can at least have some sweets) and high in complex carbs. The right combination will trick your brain into thinking you are indulging. Always be sure to eat your veggies and your complex carbs, like oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat. They will make you feel satiated longer so you don’t reach for that bag of chips and cookies.

Pro Tip- Make sure that every meal you eat has a protein and vegetables/fruit in it. Fruit, protein, complex carbs in the morning & lunch, and protein and veggies for dinner. Yes, fruit is sugar- fructose, but its good natural sugar. You will burn it off pretty quickly. We need sugar too, just not sugar that made in the labs. Mother nature makes the best sugar.

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