Fat Blast Program

Hello and welcome to the 6 week Fat Blaster program.  I hope that you not only lose fat during these 6 weeks, but that you continue on this journey, and that you reach your goals. This research paper was done from April to May of 2021.

This is an eating and nutrition plan, and a rapid one at that.  You will not eat like this forever.  But rather, cycle thru it.  This is a great way to lose fat “as fast as possible.”  We recommend you do this for 6 week, which should be the minimum, anything less than that will not produce the results you imagined.  After that, it’s time to alter the program and reintroduce foods like fruit and carbs.

I started this program to help people lose body fat.  That is really the most important thing.  Weight is just an ambiguous number.  It’s all about how you look in the mirror and how your clothes fit and it always helps when other people notice too. 

I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and owner of Elite Fitness Downtown.  I’ve seen a lot of people fail and succeed at this.  The ones that have success are the ones that are truly ready.  If you don’t think you can do it then you’re probably right.

This is not a workout plan. However, it is highly recommended to work out during this program.  I advise you to do Cardio, Lift Weights, and Stretch.  If you need help, then let us know.  You can reach us at www.elitefitnessdowntown.com.  We specialize in Personal Training and Small Group Classes such as Cardio Boxing, Boot Camps, and Stretch classes.

How to Lose Body Fat

In order to lose Body fat, we must create a caloric deficit- this means that we must burn more calories in a day than we put in our bodies during that same day.  Calories do roll over from day to day.  For example, if you added 3,000 calories from your meals, but you only burn 2,000 calories, then the remaining 1,000 calories gets rolled over to the next day. If you do this for 3 consecutive days then you will have added approximately a  pound of body fat. This is true in the reverse order.  3,500 calories in equals a pound of fat.

“What you eat is also important, along with how much.  The more you restrict your calories, the more certain you have to be that you’re getting the most nutritional density possible-the most bang for your buck.”  – Arnold Schwarzenegger

What worked for me was staying away from Carbs; such as Rice, Potatoes, Bread, Starchy Carbs, Chips and Sugars.  If we can do this then you will get your body in Ketosis, which means the state of fat storage burning.  Your body will naturally go after food as its primary energy source and if it’s not able to pull that from carbs and sugars then it will go into fat storage to convert the fat into the energy it needs to function.

The way to do this optimally is to Intermittent Fast which is eating 4-6 hours after waking up. By fasting you don’t allow your body to run off energy from carbs and sugars. Don’t eat again for another 4-6 hours later.  If you are counting calories and have left over calories from the previous day, then you can have a small amount of protein or veggies.  This will ensure that your day is a caloric deficit one.  I would also set up guidelines such as only eating Between 12pm -8pm.

You see, Food is Fuel- it’s Energy!  If we deprive our body of carbs and sugars long enough then you’ll go into fat storage (Ketosis) and recruit energy from there.

This does not mean we can eat whatever we want.  We must eat clean and lean foods.  We need to eat lean protein for our muscles, and we need vegetables for maintenance of the body.  This is on a cellular level of course.  Vegetables are packed with tons of vitamins that help repair our internal system, and we need to eat fats for healthy repairing of our organs, plus it also keeps hunger at bay.  Pecans, Almonds, and Chia Seeds are my favorite snacks.

The most important thing on this program is to Meal Prep.  I see a lot of people fail because they are unprepared when they get hungry.  They go for the easiest meal around which is usually fast food.

I hired a company to provide me with meal preps for the first 3 weeks, and then I just did it on my own for the last 3 weeks.  These are examples of my meals.  You can copy these and do them yourselves or you can hire a local meal prep company.

These are my diet guidelines

Foods to Eat: 

  • Protein- Fish, Beef, Turkey, Chicken.
  • Fat- Good quality Oil (Avocado), Nuts, Seeds, Salami, fish
  • Vegetables for all your essential vitamins.  Dark greens are great but also, yellows, red, etc.
  • No Alcohol.  But if you must then do clear alcohol like Tequila Blanco, or Vodka.  You can add club soda if you like, since it has no calories.
  • Eat 2 times a day between 12pm and 8pm.
  • Drink plenty of fluids such as Water, Tea, Black Coffee.

Foods Not to Eat:

No processed food.  If it comes in a bag, can, or box then it is probably processed.

No starchy carbs such as Breads, Rice, Potatoes, Chips and NO SUGAR, especially Cookies.

No Beer or Soda.

No Fruit.  The exception for this are berries.  Blue berries, black berries and raspberries are low in sugar so feel free.  Just don’t over indulge in them.

Here below are the exact meals I ate every day.  I did go out a few nights during this program however I stuck with the eating and I only ate vegetables and lean meat.  If something comes with a carb then just throw it away.  You don’t have to eat everything on your plate.

Here is an example of my workouts:

healthy meal prep santa ana personal training
chicken brocolli gym santa ana person training

I woke up at 8am and ate my first meal between 12pm-2pm.  Before eating I did slow cardio (keep heart rate in between 60% – 80% of max heart rate) for 40 minutes and ended with 10 min of intervals (20sec sprint, then allow heart rate to come down to 60% and then repeat).  Before my next meal I lifted some weights.  I did push, pull, squat, lung, and twisting exercises for 40 minutes to 1 hour, and then I would eat one last time.

In order to know when your heart rate is in fat burning zone, it is advisable to wear a heart rate monitor.  It will tell you exactly where your heart rate is at the current moment.  It will also track your calories that you burned.  I recommend the MYZONE HR-3 Heart Rate Monitor.  Its what we use here at Elite Fitness Downtown.  Amazon sells them for $125.00 – $149.00, however I sell them here for $80.00

How I Felt:

Within the first week I was energized, and my body felt tighter. By the end of the first week, I started to feel like I was losing muscle tone.  So, I did some researched to see if this happens to other people and found out that it certainly does because it is an extremely low protein intake. So, I started taking BCAA’s, and I switch from a strict Keto diet, do more of an Atkins diet.  Atkins diet allows more protein than fat, but still restricts carbs.  This switch, allowed me to keep my muscle mass.


I started using BCAA’s on Week 2 of the program and only because I was losing muscle.  I would stay away from protein powders that have a lot of carbs in it.  Here at Elite, we have our or protein powder.  We have Whey & Vegan protein. Both are great and come with very little carbs.  If you do take a protein shake, then make sure you limit it to one a day.  I do not advise a diet that dependent only on protein shakes.  Our bodies need real food!


I had a great time doing this diet and it really worked for me.  Did I do it perfectly? No.  However, it did give the best results. I avoided all Starchy Carbs and Sugars.  The only carbs that I consumed were from vegetable.  

After the first 6 Weeks ended, I immediately had a cheat meal; I had a plate of chicken nachos and I was unable to finish it all.  Later that night, I had two slices of pizza which was all that I could eat.  There was no doubt that my stomach had shrunk from doing this program.  After eating all those carbs, I definitely felt lethargic. On the following day I was back on Phase Two of my program (Weeks 7-12).


I lost a total of 18 pounds and 6% Body Fat.  I’m not really concerned with the weight because it’s an irrelevant number for me. It’s about how I feel and how the clothes fit.  Also, staying away from carbs has really helped lower the inflammation in my core.  My waist got smaller because of this alone. 

After thoughts:

I believe just getting rid of the carbs and sugars is what helped. But because of this, you will feel energy. I hope this helps you on your weight loss journey. 

I highly recommend you check with your doctor before starting this or any diet program.  Everybody has a different reaction to food, so please clear it with your doctor beforehand. 

You must also exercise during this program for better results.  I did slow and moderate cardio, and I lifted moderate weights Monday thru Saturday.

Before starting this program, I advise you to take pictures like mine, as this helps with motivation.  Plus, if anyone has a tremendous transformation then we might just promote it on social media in hopes to inspire others that they can do it as well. 

I challenge you to lose the most body fat that you can!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!   

Here are my stats if you would like to compare with yours

Week 1

194 lbs.

23.8 % Body Fat                                                      

weight loss santa ana personal trainer

Week 2

188.4 lbs.

22.8% Body Fat.


184.4 lbs. 

22.5% Body Fat

Week 4

181 lbs.

18.9% Body Fat

Week 5

178 lbs.

19.3%body fat

Week 6

176 lbs.


weight loss results santa ana personal training

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