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Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Alma Torres

This gym has been a game changer in my life. I have been a member here since 2017, during which time I have been able to attend a few of the different classes they offer including yoga, stretching, and kickboxing (my favorite). This place also offers nutrition counseling, boot camp sessions and even salsa lessons! I have seen the results I've been wanting, thanks to the great staff here, who have been nothing but supportive and helpful, to me and all their members. Some gyms and fitness spots tend to judge, or belittle you when asking questions or for needing help or instructions on their equipment but the staff here have never made me feel that way. Did I mention its super affordable, (especially in this day and age), and have different membership plans that you can choose from.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Mimi Mar
The trainers here are exceptional. I came here to support the local downtown business community but mostly because of the backpain that I was having. After 1 session, the back pain is gone. The trainers here really listen and work out a specific plan to meet the customer needs. I'm really satisfied with the training that I have received.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Omar Asadi

Joaquin and his trainers take their time with you to make sure that you're getting exactly what you need out of your training sessions. Not flexible enough to do that activity? No problem, here's a modification that will help you work that muscle without breaking you in half. Feeling a bit of pain that you're not supposed to? Let's rest that area and focus on another part of your body.

Their laser focus on personalizing the experience makes me want to come back time and again. Even with the current COVID-19 outbreak and directives to stay home, Joaquin emailed me a personalized home workout routine with opportunities for him to give me feedback remotely! I highly recommend Elite Fitness Downtown.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Liz De Laby

I am so happy that I came across Elite Fitness Downtown. I was searching for a gym where I could get some coaching and personal training and this is the perfect place for me. Joaquin welcomed me and made me feel like family right from the get go.

Felix and Gus are amazingly good at what they do. They always push me and cheer me on. It’s been a couple of weeks since I joined the gym and I already feel stronger.The atmosphere is fun and inviting. I joined their hiking group as well. Overall the best Gym I’ve been to. Keep up the good work!!

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Virginia Tibbetts

I've been a client of this gym for years, and I have known the owner, Joaquin, when he was my personal trainer at a big-box gym. I've lost almost 70 pounds with exercise and mindfully eating healthy food. I'm a 65 year old who walks with a cane. Joaquin is focusing on getting my back, legs and arms strong again to give me to stamina to chase my two toddler grandkids. I now walk over 10K steps a day and work out with Joaquin, on FaceTime, in the comfort of my family room with minor exercise equipment, 2X a week, which will continute until I feel comfortable enough to return to his gym. With his gym now reopening, Joaquin is dedicated to requiring masks and cleaning throughly after each client if you want to come in. Small gyms are the way to go until we have a vaccine.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Matthew Valerius

I can’t recommend Elite Fitness highly enough. I started going here about a month ago, and I’m already noticing results in terms of my fitness level, weight loss, and endurance. The trainers are awesome and super flexible, and it really feels like a family there.

You typically work out in private or semi-private sessions with the trainers. I wasn’t sure what to expect with semi-private sessions, but I actually prefer it. Everyone at the gym is really friendly and cool, so it’s great to have a more social workout too. Elite also tracks all sorts of data about your training sessions, which they use to improve and motivate you.

This is a way better experience than going to the large corporate gyms!

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Rocio Ocampo-Giancola

I was seeking a work out to help me gain flexibility and strength. I have had very painful and debilitating knee problems after an ACL injury. I found what I needed and more! I’m stronger these days! Since starting with Joaquin and Elite Fitness I am able to hike more, play with my kids and deal with better with stress and anxiety. As a therapist I know that having balance in life has to include exercise and movement! No gimmicks here! Core workout, good programs and Joaquin knowledge of the body is incredible! Also I don’t get bored! Check him out! You won’t regret it. I am now using a belt that helps guide me to know if I’m actually working out in my zone. It’s really motivating me! Schedule is flexible and virtual is ideal for my busy life!

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Bobby Flores

I was looking for a personal trainer that would work with my physical limitations, I am a cancer survivor and while I am cancer free the treatment really kicked my butt. I am now unable to work and I'm considered disabled but I realized that indeed to learn how to exercise so I'm not confined to my house. Joaquin has worked with me since this past January and I have progressed in my ability to walk farther, my flexibility is so much better also.
Because of all the chemotherapy I endured (18 treatments) I have neuropathy in both my feet. Joaquin has helped me tremendously with helping me become more mobile. His knowledge of the intricate muscles and the exercises he has me perform is impressive. The gym might look small but believe me he has an endless amount of equipment that we use to achieve certain results.
I work out with Joaquin twice a week and I'm very happy with my progress.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Arman V
Was my go-to gym when I was living in DTSA. I definitely miss it and have not found anything with such an inclusive community to date!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Kaitlin Lanning

I cannot express how much I love Elite Fitness Downtown. I joined way back in 2016 and I have been in love with it ever since. Joaquin and crew are some of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever met in the fitness industry. While I am often intimidated and even avoid fitness, Joaquin and his employees encouraged and helped me to overcome my fears and try things outside of my comfort zone, like yoga and heavy lifting. It is a pleasure to be there every time, and I hope this review is helpful to anyone thinking about starting a fitness journey.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Jessica Aguilar

I started training with Elite, October 2020. When I first walked in to this facility, I was a novice to the fitness world. I came in with a minor knee injury that had previously inhibited my ability to make advances in my athletic performance, but under the guidance of my trainer, I was able to greatly improve my overall strength and conditioning gaining muscle mass while reducing body fat.

Joaquin is not only professional, but very personable and good at making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. They have depth knowledge on training every muscle and proper form. I highly recommend this facility!

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
David Lopez
5 enthusiastic stars.

When first looking for a gym I was a little uncertain where to go. But I am so happy that I found this one.

Elite Fitness Downtown provides exactly what I needed. It is a gym that has all the fitness equipment and tools that I could possibly want, yet the gym is small enough that you get the individualized attention of the staff. The trainers are always happy to see me, and have a genuine interest in helping everyone achieve their personal fitness goals.

As a busy person, it was previously a challenge to keep fitness as a regular part of my life. But it has been great to join a gym that has trainers that are highly educated. I feel that I am constantly challenged, and the diverse workouts provided help keep things interesting. The gym community here is also very welcoming, and everyone is super supportive and encouraging.

I am so thankful for this team that helps me lead a balanced life. Thank you Elite Fitness Downtown!!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Taylor Scott
Great place! The staff there treat you like family, plus you get a great workout in as well!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Cody Morgan

Elite Fitness downtown is easily the best personal training gym in Santa Ana. Not only do they offer fantastic training programs, but because they are a small gym, you get personal attention and it's like a family. I've been going to this gym for 6 years, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

COVID-19: They are offering virtual training. I highly encourage it! They will spend time working hard on personalized programs for you no matter your level of fitness.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Luis Martinez
Elite Fitness in downtown Santa Ana is a great place to workout anytime of the day. It's family owned and everyone knows each other. The trainers are knowledgeable and friendly. Check it out.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Jacqueline Asadi

I've gone to this gym for 3 years and not only do the workouts help me to de-stress after a long day but also leave me feeling motivated to keep working to meet my goals. I've recently started using Elite's line of protein supplements and have to say that my favorite is the salted caramel flavor. It tastes great and fills me up so I don't feel like I need to stop and eat fast food on my way home from work (most of the time!) I'll keep coming back though because of the people. Everyone there is super supportive and full of energy. Definitely a fun environment to be a part of.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Jill Riggs

I love Elite Fitness. You walk in and it instantly feels like family. Everyone is happy to see you, kind and helpful. The gym is incredibly clean and they have every piece of equipment needed to get my sweat on. All equipment is well maintained - I have never experienced anything ever broken. They truly care about their clients experience and their business and it shows every time I walk in the door. I highly recommend this gym.

Eleazar Felix
I was in high school when I started as a member here before becoming a trainer. I instantly loved the atmosphere and environment of this gym and it felt like a second home. Everyone knows each other, you come for a great workout but stay for the awesome vibes. Being around like minded, positive, and supportive people helps you become a better version of yourself.
Gustavo Corralejo

Through my fitness experience I have met a lot of people and seen many styles of working out. From self grown to full grown influencers, but nothing has quiet stricken me differently as Elite.

Starting as an intern, being offered by my professor at Santa Ana College, Joaquin saw my dedication to the fitness world and took me in and continues to show me all the good and bad. Joaquin is one of, nay, THE best influence a person can look up to. With compliments left and right, advice that you both want and need, both to myself and clients. You can see how that rubs off on people such as the personal trainer and my mentor, Felix.

Relating back to the topic of me meeting others along my journey, no one can match his energy, passion, and straight up love to fitness and pushing people to become their best versions of themselves. I continue to see clients walk out of this place happy, ready to take on the rest of the day.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Mairxs Gaidano
A few months ago, after researching for a trainer that had physical therapy knowledge and understood what I really wanted in a workout, I finally came across Joaquin at Elite Fitness.  He listened to everything that was "wrong" with my body and put together workouts to strengthen those areas without leaving me with a headache.  He definitely takes his time to listen to what you need and is sincere with his efforts to make any modifications necessary.  My workouts fly by and are never boring because he is always switching things up to meet my body's needs.  He also created an at home workout for me that I can squeeze in throughout  my busy day.  It is a small intimate gym where you always feel like you are the top priority!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Steven Dowling Jr.
Elite Fitness is a great, welcoming, and well-equipped environment to get fit in. The trainers are experienced and down to earth. They cater to every schedule and know their stuff. They teach you how to exercise at the same time you're working out.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Letty Guzman

Two and a half years ago after a car accident, a slip and fall, years of not stretching after exercising and sitting a lot at work, I began to suffer from intense low back pain that radiated from my low back to my upper back. I went to the Chiropractor and got ultrasound therapy and chiropractic manipulations. I felt relief in the moment, but the pain would come right back. I then went to my doctor and she referred me to physical therapy. I went to physical therapy, but it did not help me much. I went to a massage therapist, but I also did not get relief. After months and months of pain and sleepless nights, I went to a new chiropractor. He asked me to stop working out, recommend doing a few yoga stretches and chiropractic massages and manipulation. This provided me with some relief but when I would workout the pain would come back. About a month ago Joaquin, owner of Elite Fitness, invited me in to try Sports Rehab Therapy at his gym. I was doubtful at first since I had tried everything under the sun for my low back pain and nothing had worked. After the first session I felt great, but I still had pain. It was not until after the 3rd session that I felt no pain for the first time in two and half years. I was amazed and incredibly grateful. I sit a lot for work and had to constantly stand up or change positions to get through my busy day. I recently began working out again and I’m happy to say that I have minimal pain come back. The combination of stretches and deep tissue massages has worked miracles for my back. Joaquin has also shown me different rehab exercises to try at home to continue with my recovery, as well as being aware of my posture to minimize pain. I highly recommend Sports Rehab at Elite Fitness. If you sit a lot at work at work and suffer from chronic back pain this is the place to come. You will feel light and like a brand-new person for days. Furthermore, the gym is extremely clean, the trainers wear mask, and all surfaces are wiped down before and after use.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
John Bradley
I've been a member here for over a year. I've tried most of the classes including yoga, boxing, and the boot camps. Had a brush with the personal training as well. Elite Fitness is a much more interpersonal experience than past gyms I've been to. The staff members are all professional, very friendly, and willing to answer any questions regarding nutrition, workout plans, lifting form, even recommended shopping routes at a grocery store.

The place is small, so there isn't a football field of machine weights, swimming pools, basketball courts etc. if that's what you're looking for. There are a good number of free weights however, with several barbells w/ weights, dumbbell rack, cables, and a back of house dance studio w/ punching bags, pull up bars, and a sports massage studio. The weightlifting area also has a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bicycle.

Overall, I'd recommend this gym to anyone who is interested in learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, or diversify their current workout plan to meet specific fitness goals.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Tina Davidson
One of the best fitness places in the Santa Ana area.  The staff and owner (Joaquin Martinez) are professional and very friendly.  Check it out...you won't regret it!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Kevin Estes
I love the fact that's it's like a tight nit FAMILY that help each other there's no judgment the trainers are above and beyond. When I first met with Joaquin the moment I walked in I felt positive vibes I felt like I belong there he and the staff have really taught me some very knowledgeable things as well as the clients and I thank him for allowing the opportunity too be apart of Elite Fitness thanks Joaquin keep up the good work.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Ciara Jones
I have never been into fitness truthfully. But I discovered Elite Fitness Downtown through my classmate and got talked into trying one personal training session. My goal wasn't to lose weight necessarily, but to tone up. That was 5 months ago, and I LOVE it! The gym is so welcoming and the trainers are so professional. Shout out to Felix! The vibe is very friendly and everyone is your cheerleader. Highly recommend trying it out!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Robert Gutierrez

I been coming to Elite for 2 years now and I been very happy here. Joaquin and his staff really work with you to achieve your fitness goals while educating you on fitness and workout out. Being part of Elite has helped me achieve my weight lost goals, prepared me for marathon running, and helped me built up more endurance as a martial artist.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Vanessa Pizano

I’ve started their online program for Elite Fitness on April. During the course it has been a huge help to get back on track in fitness and staying motivated and learning how to be patient. The online helped provide workout video if having trouble doing the workout! During the course I was able to loose 7lb in a month! I can tell the difference that this course has been very helpful and I felt more better and more energetic! The owner is always there to help if you have any questions about the course or about the workout. He is there to support us in anyways and keeps us motivated.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Meleah Johnson
This is the perfect environment and staff for our needs. The space is intimate and non intimidating. Joaquin is patient and knowledgeable. The kind of place that knows you by name not account number.. we love it!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Antony Peng

Great Location, Outstanding Coach with diversified programs in place.

Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Anthony Moncayo
I decided to go back to school recently, and now I have a ton of homework and no time for anything other than work and school. About a month or so later, my clothes started shrinking. I blamed it on the clothes dryer running hot. My wife affectionally told me that it was “The Freshman 15” caused by lack of exercise. I said to myself, “WTH?! I’ve got to do something, but I’m not joining a gym. Never have, never will.” The last time I considered joining a gym, the pushy representative bothered me for weeks. If I was going to add “exercise time” to my life, I’d have to schedule it in advance, just like any other appointment or meeting.

This is where Elite Fitness comes in. I was reluctant to commit to a gym, but I had to do something. I got out of my comfort zone and started with Elite’s 30-minute Personal Training Sessions. The personal trainer interviewed me briefly to learn about my health and fitness goals. At the age of 57, I just want to be reasonably fit so that I can make it through a challenging work and school week. I started with a boxing workout focused on footwork and hitting the mitts. The trainer pushed me to finish the rounds, but not so hard that I fell over gasping for air. I also learned to throw a few new combinations. It was fun and just the routine that I needed to motivate me. I recently switched to Elite’s 60-minute Group Training Sessions where the trainer leads a small group with perfect variety of exercises. The group sessions gives me 30 more minutes of exercise time per trip to the gym. All the trainers that I have met are very easy to talk to, do a great job monitoring and guiding you through the exercise routines, and provide just the right amount of encouragement to nudge you through your reps. Given the size of the gym, it feels more like a club or martial arts studio with that “team vibe” knowing everyone there is rooting for you, while at the same time, pushing you to meet your personal goals.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Mayra Carvajal
I felt super welcomed. I've never liked the gym vibe because some places have felt like they are only designed for super fit people, "gym beasts only need to apply." This gym feels more of like a family. Joaquin, the owner, took the time to show me their facilities and patiently listened to my expectations and needs. I highly recommend this place. You'll love it.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Linda Smyth
I am a very busy Entrepeneur and Commercial Real Estate Professional and I love Elite Fitness. I injured my knee and elbow, re-tear in ACL and dislocated my elbow. I could not lift anything over two pounds and walked with a limp. After physical therapy, I joined Elite Fitness to rehabilitate and strengthen. They did not disappoint, I can hike again and actually get up off the ground using my arm. My initial goals were to strengthen, now they are sculpting and shaping. Elite Fitness is where it is at.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Janina Castillanos
I’m not a person that loves going to the gym or to include it in my fitness regime, it has always intimidated me. My idea of staying healthy and being fit was going for a walk or if I was feeling real adventurous, I would complete a full day of hiking.

Unfortunately during one of those hikes, I injured my knees a bit and used this as an excuse to stop my work out routine,

November of last year, I decided to give Elite a try. As I completed a tour with the owner Joaquin, I immediately noticed they really cared about their clients. They were engaged, personable and motivating. As I started my sessions I noticed Joaquin along with the trainers are amazing in making you feel comfortable and build your confidence by teaching you the why’s behind your work outs. That’s actually one of the reasons why I enjoy going!

Through the trainers guidance, I now understand the importance of using proper body mechanics to target specific muscles and completing each work out properly

I am more confident to the point where the gym no longer intimidates me. I’ve learned to have fun and challenge myself during my fitness journey.

Elite, your work outs are structured, fun, and most importantly (from a beginners point of view) educational!

I definitely recommend stopping by and meeting the Elite Team! It’s also a chance for you to visit downtown Santa Ana! It still has that historic beauty with an artistic feel to it.

Thanks Elite for giving me the confidence to get back into my fitness journey!
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Chris Avina
Felix has been training me for over 5 years. Great gym, great trainers.
Kaitlyn Eubank
If you're looking for a non judge mental, family like environment this gym is for you. The owner is personable and really cares about each member and goes above and beyond to constantly improve the gym. Instruction of classes is personalized to meet your needs and there is always someone there to help or answer any questions.

I especially liked the small class sizes where I was able to get 1-1 help as needed. Sean is hilarious and keeps things fun, but at the same time really pushes you. I knew absolutely nothing about lifting and the staff was amazing, teaching me proper form and helped me get the best of my workout. I found an interest in barbell training and am now lifting more weight than I thought possible on my own.

Major plus' for me were the convenient location, small class sizes, wide range of classes and services (massage after a workout, yes please!), and the knowledgeable instructors. I also liked the events and promos like 30 day challenges, keeps things interesting and the gym is generous with incentives. The friendly and supportive staff and members was the icing on the cake of the facility. Sad to move from the area, it's hard to find places like this.
Melissa Saenz

I walked into the gym July 2014 coming from a place where every gym grossed me out since I was allergic to human sweat! But Elite Fitness was unlike any other gym I've tried, they were welcoming, positive and extremely supportive of my situation. I was recovering from thyroid cancer and my body was not responding to fad diets, I was overweight and didn't feel like myself. They put me on a wellness plan which incorporated nutrition, weight training, cardio, and positive conversation about my goals! Their entire approach was essential in keeping me on track. I've lost 5 dress sizes and feel amazing, I go to the gym 5 days a week, because I love it not because I feel guilty! Elite Fitness changed my life and gave me a new approach to living a cancer free life!

d s
I have been a member of Elite Fitness for quite some time now and am very satisfied with the extensive knowledge of their trainers, the friendly environment, the reasonable cost of membership, as well as the cleanliness of the gym. I am very satisfied with my membership and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I highly recommend gym.
Familia Lopez Torres
Amazing gym!!! Knowledgeable staff, attention to detail to avoid injury and make the best of my workout.
Family feel in a boutique style gym.
Lots of options and easy to communicate with.
5 stars!!!
Aaron Jones
This is a great gym to be involved with. All of the personnel are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Elite has a full range of modern equipment from free weights to machines. I really enjoy being a member of Elite
Donna Garza
Love this gym. His staff are super knowledgeable and kind. They helped me reach my goals! 💪🏽

Where to start with this great gym. The trainers here are very knowledgeable on what they are doing and take your goals into major consideration and the business is guided by a great owner, Joaquin.

This gym has really come a long way and has helped not only individuals, but its community in making it fit and healthy. This place doesn't just make you a "client", it makes you part of the Elite family, and makes you feel included like they've known you for years. Give it a try and you wont regret it. Great energy. 5 starts all around.

Stefan Bell
Elite Fitness Downtown
To describe Elite Fitness Downtown and Joaquin Martinez? One has to include the art shows, the music, the parties for members, fundraisers for sick members, and a community of kind people working towards health, fitness, and the betterment of the lives around them.

In order to get a full sense of the vibe? Elite Fitness Downtown is in The Historic District of Downtown Santa Ana, Ca. The original capital of California. Buildings that used to be hotels that American Presidents stayed at. Magnificent architecture from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, 30’s High Art Deco fixtures…it’s like waking through a museum. The whole neighborhood.

To top all of this is Elite Fitness Downtown’s commitment to art, music, artists, and the monthly Art Walk in Downtown Santa Ana, Ca. One of the oldest and most established art centers in the US.

And to finish? Joaquin Martinez is a classically trained musician whose music heals and enriches the lives of the people that hear it. You can see him playing Saxophone in the pictures. From playing and helping support Art Walk Santa Ana to playing events for local businesses, events, and even DJ’ing events for gym members.

Elite Fitness Downtown is more like a community and a lifestyle than what is traditionally thought of as a gym; it is a hub of mental, spiritual, & physical health.
Shirley Holmes

Congratulations on your success! Im so proud of all your accomplishments with Elite fitness . I am so happy to reconnect again to fitness. With the encouragement and positive energy. I enjoy my weekly virtual workouts with Felix at 5:30am. (Hawaii Time).

The owner Joaquin who I’ve known for many years have been So supportive throughout my fitness goals. I choose to support this organization because they are so professional and always encouraging. With my busiest schedules. I like that you spend your extra time to text me and reach out to say hello and how im doing? Wow! This reminds me to break away and think of fitness and most importantly my health. Thats fantastic coaching.

Love that positive energy you all bring! Thank you for everything that you’re doing! I Encourage everyone to join Elite Fitness Downtown! Mahalo Team Elite Fitness!

Anuradha Prakash
Elite Fitness has been a great investment. They customize the training based on my needs and capabilities and push me to improve. I’m getting stronger and younger by the week. I highly recommend Elite!
N Sanchez
This facility is amazing!! The trainers are knowledgeable and really care about you achieving your goals. Thanks for all your help EF!!!
TL Davidson
Elite Fitness Downtown is an amazing place to workout and get fit! Their staff is professional and most importantly personable. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants health and fitness as a priority in their life.
Barbara Boisvert

Elite fitness is the ultimate VIP experience in gyms and in personal training. I love that I get the best trainers in an intimate setting. I only trust the Elite fitness team to train me and help me reach my fitness goals. I experience a chronic illness and the Elite team has been very helpful and understanding of my health needs. I have had the best results which has helped me to be a healthier and happier me.

Thank you Joaquin for creating such a top notch experience for your clients.

Fatima Avila

I went in to Elite not knowing anything about working out and have learned so much since I been there!! The trainers are patient and great!! I have seen so much progress and over all it has been a great experience!!

The owner is great and understanding and they work with your schedule so it won’t be a problem to get a workout in. Love the environment and the people who work out in the gym!!!

Rose Monica Martinez
Great set up! Trainers are knowledgeable and personalize each session for the clients needs. No cookie cutter programs. They are welcoming and warm as well as motivating
Arianna Dominguez
My cousin is Joaquin Martinez whose the Owner of Elite Fitness Downtown. I use to go to this gym and let me say that the staff is very kind, determined, and committed to work with you. They try their best to make you succeed with your fitness goal and will be with every step of the way of your fitness journey.
Jessica Aguilar

I started training at Elite Fitness because I knew I wanted to get fit but I had no idea what to do in the gym besides cardio machines. In just a few months, I've noticed a significant muscle mass increase and body fat decrease.

Moreover, the trainers (Felix and Gus) are extremely flexible to work with and cater to individuals with injuries/restrictions (like myself).

Adriana Castrejon

I have been training at Elite for about a month now and I can not believe the results I am now seeing. The Elite team has taken into account my goals and each of the trainers are with me every step of the way ensuring that my form is okay and I am not too fatigued. I especially like the use of the MyZone belts which allow for me to see the calories I’m burning, my heart rate, and the amount of effort I am putting into my workout.

I highly recommend them to anybody who is looking to increase their endurance and is interested in weightlifting.

Elia Quijada

Exceptional Boutique Gym with a Family Flare!

I’ve been part of Elite’s family since opening day 9 years ago. This is my gym that I call my home! When you join Elite Fitness Downtown you become a family member and you will be recognized and valued. Elite Fitness is a boutique gym with two rooms; the Weight Room has all your machines for strength & conditioning. Rehab room for stretching and foam rolling.

I highly recommend my gym at Elite Fitness Downtown to any beginner, intermediate, or hard core individual.

Cassondra Stratford-Hall

Joaquin is a great personal trainer and has helped me achieve my fitness goals! He is always so positive and motivating. He is very knowledgeable and I never get bored of our training sessions. He is always flexible with my schedule and able to accommodate when needed.

The gym also offers great classes that are so versatile from Yoga to Kick Boxing to Dancing. Joaquin is always welcoming new classes to keep things fresh and exciting!

Marina De Anda
Elite Fitness is an amazing personal training center that has helped me so much in my fitness goals. The Elite community will inspire you to achieve your overall health goals that fit your personal needs. After having four kids I needed help and Elite got me on the perfect fitness path.
Tyler Vrooman
Great place to work out! Great energy, and they will help you achieve your fitness goals. The owner Joaquin is absolutely awesome!
Mareuh's Life
Mary Hernandez

Oh man where do I start!! I joined elite fitness about 2 years ago when I was really struggling with PCOS and gym anxiety! I felt so self conscious but Joaquin and his team made me feel soooo welcomed that I couldn’t wait until my next session.

I learned a lot not only how to workout but nutrition! I still use his recipe books to this day! Joaquin I can’t thank you enough for all the encouragement, motivation and knowledge you have given me, it has changed my life for the better! I will forever be grateful for this place. Best decision I have made!

Huma A Madinawala
Elite Fitness is an amazing place to be. A great facility with amazing leadership! The trainers push you and challenge you every day while creating an amazing and safe community to be apart of! Highly recommend for anyone at any point in their fitness journey!!
Natalie Torres
Great experience, personal trainers are very helpful. Highly recommend to achieve training and weight loss goals.
Samsu Bhattarai
Great place, with warm employees and clean facility. With his knowledge and expertise, Joaquin makes sure that each costumer experience the best here.
Semi Private Personal Training near Santa Ana
Brian Robinson
Elite Fitness has the most comprehensive yet easy schedule for fitness and it works. Their instructors work with you and your goals and design the program around you. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and can’t thank the Elite Team enough.
Cody Morgan
Elite Fitness is probably the best gym in the Orange County area. Elite Fitness has top notch equipment, is family owned, and they care about each individual person they have on their roster. I would recommend anyone to that gym in a heartbeat for a customized and & personal experience.
Chad Baker
I can’t say enough good things about Elite. The staff are incredibly helpful and they work with you and tailor your workout and experience to meet your needs. They also treat every customer as family and really care about you as a person and your fitness journey to being happier and healthier.
Devin Romano
Joaquin and his team were amazing!! They were very understanding of my busy schedule and tried their best to accommodate what I needed. Even if that meant a very early zoom workout before I had to go into work! Excuses were taken off the table and I liked that!
I can't say enough good things about Elite Fitness Downtown! This gym ticks all the boxes. The knowledgeable staff are always there to provide guidance and support. The coaches are both motivating and skilled.

The cleanliness and organization of the facility are truly impressive. I always feel comfortable and safe during my workouts, which is a top priority for me. Plus, the convenient location in the heart of downtown Santa Ana makes it easy to swing by for a quick session.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, Elite Fitness Downtown is the place to be. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
Miguel Contreras
Great experience with the Elite team! Knowledgeable trainers and great facility and equipment. They take the time to personalize for their members.

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